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The department was founded in 1967. The department was headed by Candidate of Pedagogics, Assistant Professor N.M. Golovkova (1967-1981), Candidate of Philology, Assistant Professor G.N. Agapova.
Since 1993 the department has been headed by Candidate of Pedagogics, Assistant Professor Margarita Mikhailovna KUTEPOVA
Tel: 939-32-34,
e-mail: margaret@eng.chem.msu.ru

The staff of the department consists of two Assistant Professors, 14 head teachers, 1 teacher, 3 laboratory assistants, a coordinator and a technician.

The staff of the department teach English to graduate and post-graduate students of all the departments of the Faculty of Chemistry.

The major field of research of the department are linguistic study of the chemical terminology and development of the most perspective methods of English language teaching.


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